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Managed to get overly keen with an Owl power monitor and discovered a whacking 55w on an induction hob when switched off but not isolated. So the vampire appliance is clearly in the dock looking guilty and as a planet saver I’m angry as hell. The technical bit follows because the real chargeable power used […]

Zigbee playtime


Zigbee has been promising much for years, so it was time to take it for spin and get some hands on learning using the ‘tweet a watt’ kit.  This kit intercepts current and voltage signals inside the killawatt plug and transmit the readings to a computer, internet, google chart. Zigbee is a PAN (Personal Area […]

So my first energy tool-gizmos are a Killawatt plug and a house electricity gadget called an Owl. The elegant and portable Owl clearly shows the present ‘current’ or energy in kW so you can gasp whenever the kettle is boiled.  It does not total or show energy very well in kWh although there are newer […]

Just like most of the population, I guess we’ve been too busy (insert excuse) to devote some time and logic in seriously reducing our energy bill whilst maintaining a non-naked level of comfort. Okay, that makes us sound rather environmentally uncaring. Let’s get some things straight, we have done all the upfront investment and eco-buying […]