First gizmo’s: owl and killawatt (twit ta woo)


So my first energy tool-gizmos are a Killawatt plug and a house electricity gadget called an Owl.

The elegant and portable Owl clearly shows the present ‘current’ or energy in kW so you can gasp whenever the kettle is boiled.  It does not total or show energy very well in kWh although there are newer models that do a basic of job of displaying totalised energy.

The chunky Killawatt allows you to figure out how much each device consumes such as your TV, computer, fridge etc. It also has a volt, current, hertz and even power factor displays.

So what difference do they make ?

First of they help motivate the household into switching things off and hopefully things that make a difference.  For instance our  insomniac media centre gobbled a fair amount of power and to be honest we never record daytime or things after midnight so I reckon its a good saving.

On retiring at night a quick glance could also reveal power guzzlers that were not required and gave the motivation to get them switched off.


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