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What a great speaker, what a great presentation.  As you can tell I really did enjoy listening to Hans Rosling.  Anyone who make statistics so exciting is superhuman in my book ! Check it out here at the site.  Or find out more at who have lots of statistics to present on video […]

I had been resigned for some time that only the electricity would be monitored as I could not figure out how to interface to the old ‘imperial’ gas meter.  However, one day someone decided it should be replaced and a chap changed it out in 15 minutes.  Nothing fancy just a basic unit called an […]

Whilst reading my GMail some side ‘ad’ sucked me in or conned me into looking at a little recharger for handling or rather regenerating standard alkaline batteries.  At just that moment I also had an massive pyramid pile of spent batteries decorating my desk waiting for disposal. I think the idea is to very slowly […]

Over the years I’ve followed the progress of OPC-UA and from time to time or project to project checked it out, but it was still early days for use in the ‘theatre of operations’. Nowadays OPC members can brush up on all the specifications and help documentation to educate themselves.  For the technically inquisitive there […]

The Dell PowerEdge Server was great but far too power hungry (350w~£260pa) to run all the time for home or even business usage.  The second avenue tried to use an old XP machine didn’t work out for me, it just wouldn’t go to and stay asleep and the transfer rate was poor. So after dabbling […]