Server Power Reduction = Qnap NAS


The Dell PowerEdge Server was great but far too power hungry (350w~£260pa) to run all the time for home or even business usage.  The second avenue tried to use an old XP machine didn’t work out for me, it just wouldn’t go to and stay asleep and the transfer rate was poor.

So after dabbling with NAS devices on/off for many years it was time to have a look at what was currently on offer.  I must say I was impressed, very impressed with the company Qnap and my chosen model the TS-119, so why and what is so nice ?

  • Fast seriously so (or as fast the disk/network can handle)
    hit 40-50 mb/s regularly, so smiling on that count
  • Low Power 10-15w with time scheduled off outside work hours
    (energy savings ~ £250 over dell server)
  • Fanless so minimal disk noise and good expected reliability
  • Oh and it’s a complete doodle to setup and look after

Expectations exceeded and currently  only using a fraction of its functions.

Top marks and thumbs-up to Qnap.

A serious money saver for me or any small business.


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