Recharging normal batteries – Unconvinced


Whilst reading my GMail some side ‘ad’ sucked me in or conned me into looking at a little recharger for handling or rather regenerating standard alkaline batteries.  At just that moment I also had an massive pyramid pile of spent batteries decorating my desk waiting for disposal.

I think the idea is to very slowly trickle charge the batteries, not sure.  For an eco-green perspective re-using is good, but I believe that a decent rechargeable is way better.

Whats not so good, then….

Well it can sometimes take forever, okay several days
Cost in energy to recharge, no idea, but more than I imagined
Dubious life after rejuvenation

Oh, don’t forget and disappear for the weekend as the batteries could over-charge leak out and mess up the unit

Low rating, don’t bother…..
(hey wait a minute, anyone want to buy one first ?)

Oh, in case you want to know, it goes by the name of a ‘Souvenir Cranwell Battery Regenerator’


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