Gas Meter Wired and Connected


I had been resigned for some time that only the electricity would be monitored as I could not figure out how to interface to the old ‘imperial’ gas meter.  However, one day someone decided it should be replaced and a chap changed it out in 15 minutes.  Nothing fancy just a basic unit called an Elster BK-G4, no smarty-pants metering here yet.

So what options does this present for connectivity ?

First off there was a silvery shiny blob on the 0.06 m3 digit, so with some hobby electronics one could make an optical pulse counter solution.  But further digging revealed that these units commonly have a magnet inside that blips every 0.01 m3 and Eisner do a neat clip on reed switch model IN-Z61 to count the gas pulses (cost around £30), cool.

Looks like things are going my way because my installed ECM1240 7th channel can easily count and store the totalised pulses and it’s right beside the gas meter.

We are now counting gas.
Job done.

Data Sheet Elster BK-G4


2 Responses to “Gas Meter Wired and Connected”

  1. if you check out later posts I have the gas readings in google powermeter, it sis useful to keep on top of the usage of gas on a daily basis if needed and it clearly shows the timer thermostat settings prompting better management of these.

    I also have PV recording
    as well as NET usage/generation etc etc

  1. 1 Solar at Home: Social networking and energy conservation: What went wrong?

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