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The chaps and helpers over at the opc foundation have been beavering away for the last few years and the result is about to hit the streets with the first UA “universal architecture” 1.00 release. I’ll leave others to explain what opc is and how the new opc-ua is even better. I’ll summarise a few […]

iPod Flash Rant


Somethings sometimes just push you over edge. We have a Rant Alert folks ! We’ve all been conditioned into loving and desiring all things ‘apple’ but the lack of iPhone/iPod touch support for adobe flash is crushing, why-oh-why-oh ……… etc So many sites use it, even the big boys like Google and Microsoft have it […]

Strange the things you emotionally bond with, sometimes clothes or a favourite sneakers etc.  But hey, I’m a caveman and this baby lights my fire ! Seriously though, there is something primeval programmed into the human DNA that has a fascination with a real flaming fire, probably because it helped many of our successful ancestors […]

Radiators should really be called convectors, that’s what they do ! Here I want to chat about ‘radiant’ heat panels which are flat and as named they radiate, which is a more efficient way to transmit heat. These sneaky panels are virtually unknown to the general public, hardly noticed but they are everywhere; schools, hospitals, […]

Maybe not quite, but boy do these smart meters give an Orwellian resolution of indisputable factual evidence. So what secret cases have been rumbled by our new chief inspector of justice. xBox360 plus TFT takes 200 watts so its real easy to figure out plus/minus 5 mins the time certain COD addicts rise and retire. […]

So before all this energy analysis fizzles out and gets forgotten again, I have decided to think about what our new target should be. 5500 kWh for electricity, 20000 kWh for gas heating (its a big house, but we also use logs for heat !) Monetary terms ~£1100 I reckon it’s easily achievable without resorting […]

Another longstanding favourite of mine has had a little make over and I’m impressed. Logmein is a remote access solution that happens to offer a decent free version, is really simple to use and has a great management console to help control multiple PCs and transient external invitees.  Performance is also exceedingly good. It seems […]