NAS++ computing appliance


Previously, I spoke fondly about my little Qnap TS-119 NAS box.  Since then being the curious fellow I am I  have now have time to tinker about with all the other things it can do.  Seems the NAS I talked about has a few other strings to its bow.

Basically it has a low power (as in energy) Marvell ARM based processor which at 1.2 MHz and 512kb RAM sounds poor by today’s PC standards.  But as a linux embedded computing appliance it packs a big punch.  Ok, it’s not going to support 100’s users like server grade hardware and operating systems, but for homes, small businesses, clubs or branch offices it is truly amazing what this tiny box can run.

Apache Web server, phpBB3 Forums, WordPress Blogs/Sites, mySQL, FTP server, Joomla, python, php remote file server, download manager, itunes servers are just some of the things it does.

Scared of Linux, no need, it’s all easily setup using a slick Ajax based graphical front end, easy to understand, zero Linux scripting required.  The application packages are all excellent and run away on the background in this very power efficient little modest box.

Open source has re-opened my eyes.


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