Inadmissable in the court of teenage justice


Maybe not quite, but boy do these smart meters give an Orwellian resolution of indisputable factual evidence.

So what secret cases have been rumbled by our new chief inspector of justice.

  1. xBox360 plus TFT takes 200 watts so its real easy to figure out plus/minus 5 mins the time certain COD addicts rise and retire.
  2. Whoever thought that having a computer helps kids with there homework/education has lost the plot, not true in my experience. It’s for games, facebook, messenger, youtube, ipod/itunes; researching picasso, science or campaigning for charity I don’t think so.  The all seeing power meter knows.
  3. Even I can be easily tracked just by looking for my 35w notebook profile to easily see if ‘working’ home or away.
  4. Showertime, hairdryer time, cup of tea time, enter/exit home times all possible to figure out if the power is logged away somewhere, scarey.

In the olde days, chief mamma just looked you in the eye and knew the truth, but that was before kids became the mini-lovable adults that they are today.


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