Radiant Panels …..


Radiators should really be called convectors, that’s what they do !

Here I want to chat about ‘radiant’ heat panels which are flat and as named they radiate, which is a more efficient way to transmit heat.

These sneaky panels are virtually unknown to the general public, hardly noticed but they are everywhere; schools, hospitals, airports, churches; I even hear in prison too.

Think of being out on a frosty spring day where the air temperature is sub-zero, but whenever the sun shines its ‘radiant’ rays on your body you feel very warm.  That’s how the flat radiant panels work and the saving is that the same comfort is perceived even though the room is cooler, thus saving money.

Other useful benefits are less dust/air circulation and because they are flat they can be blended into ceilings and walls, saving on floor space.  There are downsides as well; they can be large and are not suited to low ceiling heights; so they are not common in apartments.  Here is the wiki link on radiant heat.

Major savings can be gained with this simple technology as this link explains in more detail.  Who who have though a bakery needed to save on heating !

So why did I do it ?  The random factor I guess, as I was extending the house and saved a lot on flooring on eBay, guess where the savings went, yip radiant panels for the family room, hoping also for a faster heat-up 0-60 ranking.

So what is the long-term test opinion ?  Overall good, but through no fault of the radiant panels they have just been overshadowed by the wood-burning stove which I’ll be writing about shortly.

Link to supplier Solray and a neat church install.


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