I love my wood-burner


Strange the things you emotionally bond with, sometimes clothes or a favourite sneakers etc.  But hey, I’m a caveman and this baby lights my fire !

Seriously though, there is something primeval programmed into the human DNA that has a fascination with a real flaming fire, probably because it helped many of our successful ancestors survive an ice age or two.

So whats my pitch or review here, well I was originally a dis-believer, obstructing my wife from getting a stove on the basis of the extra work and worse extra cleaning.  The purchase moment was seeing this slick little modern stove with a big window, very un-technical and totally un-researched, most unlike me.  So did I get lucky ?

Short answer, yes very lucky.

The un-technical specs for my Jotul F250 are

  • Very hot
  • Carbon neutral (kinda)
  • High efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Big glass fame window

Some efficiency rules of thumb,

  • Open fire 25%
  • Convention stove 50%
  • Lean burn stove  75%

Warning, …. stoves come with an ongoing serious effort, because wood grows on trees and trees are heavy, very-very heavy and the logs don’t split by themselves.  But since I don’t get allowed a motorcycle, I do get to juggle my Husqvarna chainsaw, wear a hockey mask, and ponder what species of tree is that.  Best of all it reminds you not to complain or give up the day job because real work is just too hard.


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