iPod Flash Rant


Somethings sometimes just push you over edge.
We have a Rant Alert folks !

We’ve all been conditioned into loving and desiring all things ‘apple’ but the lack of iPhone/iPod touch support for adobe flash is crushing, why-oh-why-oh ……… etc

So many sites use it, even the big boys like Google and Microsoft have it on lots of run of the mill stuff.  Rant continues – so we have sexy hand-held with internet browsing, eh no we don’t cos’ most of my sites are flash based, complete bummer, useless for browsing, should’ve saved money and bought a nano.

Due to the stonewall development secrecy we are not even teased and tempted in any way about any forthcoming release. Here’s hoping for Xmas.

Grrrrrrrr, rant nearly over.

What’s the energy connection, well a portable display of a dashboard, energy reading, KPI or whatever could so easily be done by a standard web-page without becoming an iPod developer. Still miffed, I’ll get over it.

I know there are workarounds, but jail-breaking or hacking ipods is not my cup-of-tea.
Hey, if flash was available Apple would rake in less money from the Apps store, so no rush!


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