OPC-UA where will it take us …….


The chaps and helpers over at the opc foundation have been beavering away for the last few years and the result is about to hit the streets with the first UA “universal architecture” 1.00 release. I’ll leave others to explain what opc is and how the new opc-ua is even better.

I’ll summarise a few of the benefits from my perspective,

  • Nicer box, it tidies up lots and packages together things that previously were separate
    (DA + A&E + HDA + …)
  • Platform independent
    we’re no longer locked into just Microsoft COM based platforms so it’s much easier to embed in devices or use with java in web apps
  • Rich functionality improvements (modelling, organisation, methods,..)
  • Security gets a complete makeover, no more dcom, its certificates now

But where will it take us in the future, I reckon over time when adopted maybe,…

  1. OPC will get embedded in PLCs, DCSs, devices. It makes so much sense
    slow death to middleware driver providers, the usual proprietary suspects will of course slowly drag it out
  2. Java SDK means that ‘open source’ can make a serious entry into the Microsoft dominated automation sphere.  The quality of various open-source offerings is very good, I can see major advances coming but not from the current market leaders.
  3. More cut out the middleman, this connectivity plus will bring some very interesting new architectures and applications.

When will the future arrive ?


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