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Some years ago I dabbled with fanless PC’s for industrial HMI/Scada client duties. I would guess this would be way back in 2005 or before and in those days on going fanless you paid a performance penalty with the lower power CPUs. However, for industrial use the benefits were longer life in hostile locations and […]

Mr.Watt here again. Okay, I made a small fib earlier when I said all our lights were Low-Energy ones.  That’s because we have a few lamp fittings that use the tiny G9 halogen lamps and until fairly recently there was no available Low-energy option. Well, a favourite lamp supplier I have always admired for their […]

I must admit my current energy supplier British Gas has been very good, rates near the best, good local country telephone service, web site okay, etc.  However, it’s just the way it is in these times, to get the best deal you gotta sleep-around, sorry I mean seek out the hungry companies chasing customers and […]

Nice use of an elegant workflow application, so what does it do ? In essence, helps get sporting teams together, ideal to streamline the headache of pulling amateur cricket, rugby, hockey….. teams together to face the opposition. Have a look at clubhouseapp they explain and showcase it very well as well …. and most of […]