Darn these Moneysavers: Energy supplier switch


I must admit my current energy supplier British Gas has been very good, rates near the best, good local country telephone service, web site okay, etc.  However, it’s just the way it is in these times, to get the best deal you gotta sleep-around, sorry I mean seek out the hungry companies chasing customers and market share.

So after punching in the numbers into uswitch, they said I’d save 9% ~£165, so there goes a satisfied loyal customer, oophsie and  I’m sure the freebie of a case wine will also come in handy.

First:Utility are the new kids on the block and as such are offering good terms

As usual the rates are tricky to decipher (believe) but for me the cost per unit in kWh is
– Electric 9.48p,  Gas 3.06p  (based on usage/discounts and standing charge)
– Electric 7.44p, Gas 2.94p if you exclude the standing charge, not too shabby

I guess it’s likely the costs will be subject to energy ‘fiscal’ drag and may become less competitive, but for now it looks good.

Effort to change, click-click-click, even easier than bish-bash-bosh.
Seriously easy to change, no red tape here these days, silky smooth changeover.


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