G9 Megaman 9w Impressed


Mr.Watt here again.

Okay, I made a small fib earlier when I said all our lights were Low-Energy ones.  That’s because we have a few lamp fittings that use the tiny G9 halogen lamps and until fairly recently there was no available Low-energy option.

Well, a favourite lamp supplier I have always admired for their range and quality of lamps has done it again.  Megaman has launched G9 7w and 9w lamps and I’ve had them in use for a couple of months.  Not so keen on the 7w, but I am impressed by the 9w and have fitted 9 or so in our home.  The 9w is quoted as a 45w halogen equivalent, I get the feeling a little less than that but still good.

Impressed as I am there is one stumbling block in that they are much bigger than the halogen G9 so you might not manage to physically get them into many lamp fittings.  Also, there is the usual ‘cooler’ fluorescent colour issue but the 3000k  ‘warm-white’ is fine for me.

They are not cheap at the moment, I paid £7.50 a pop, but each one takes us down from 50w to 9w, a good saving worth making.

Bulb life is expected to greatly improve the economics and hassle as I always seemed to be replacing failed G9 halogens.  Megaman quote an average  life of 15,000 hours which is x7 better than (good) halogen ones.

Overall, another coup from Megaman who have a tremendous range of lamps of all sizes with an amazing range of colour temperatures and fancy dimmable feature.

Thumbs up from me, well done Megaman.


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