Nexcom very NISE fanless computer


Some years ago I dabbled with fanless PC’s for industrial HMI/Scada client duties. I would guess this would be way back in 2005 or before and in those days on going fanless you paid a performance penalty with the lower power CPUs. However, for industrial use the benefits were longer life in hostile locations and we had good experience using XP embedded for client stations.

So fast forward to 2009 and on browsing over the options a company called NEXCOM impressed with a wide range of computers and they seem to be very active in product development. The industrial market is actually a small niche area, so here we look to leverage products that span more application areas such as public displays, kiosks, transportation, vehicle computing.

The Nexcom NISE 3110 was selected and first impressions were excellent, build quality solid, thermal design for cpu heatsink good and even heatsink contact for hard disks. Nicely put together. You have a choice of CPUs and I have the CoreDuo T2500 chip which is a mobile unit with good performance. The cpu grunt was good enough to run two virtual machines with scada, historian, sql. This ‘server’ power opens up new opportunities for fanless computers in the industrial area.

Power used seemed to be lower than expected at 20w and the unit has a neat secure power connector and the option to run from DC battery supplies as well. Temperature of the unit was also very well-behaved, a testament to the solid mechanical and thermal design of the case.

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting storage/boot media with an internal Compact Flash (CF) slot and a 2.5 disk bay for housing either a magnetic hard disk or a SSD flash disk.


  • Good buy, would recommend, would buy again
  • High performance fanless tough PC
  • Quality of construction good

Link to Product Details
Link to Datasheet (PDF)

I can supply any of the Nexcom units via Albacontrols either hardware only or pre-installed with Scada/Hmi/custom software.  Use the contact sheet below if you want pricing.


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