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Noisy in bed ?


Overall I am a solid fan of these energy saving lamps (CFL).  Until recently I have never experienced in the home the industrial buzzing noises of the old strip-light tube magnetic ballasts. But there is only one place when a lamp is next to my ear.  It’s a bed side lamp using a 7w CFL […]

ALOT ! Phew, the days holding a spare 100w incandescent bulb under the kitchen sink are long gone.  So how many types of bulbs do you need nowadays ? Here’s a short list I started but never finished,…… GU10 50w, 20w halogen GU10 11w megaman G9 50w halogen capsule G9 11w megaman T5 and  T8 […]

After looking at and rejecting solar panels for myself, I stumbled over a combo-effort called PVT. From the US sites the numbers look very good and overall it just sounds like a better idea all round. Solar PVT or PV-T, means the getting best of both worlds thermal + photovoltaic together, in fact there are […]

I love this article on ‘solar air heaters’ here are some site links. I reckon I should take feather out these guy’s practical can-do caps.  Instead of googling, reviewing, shopping, why not just make your own and have fun drinking beer cans.  It’s a perfect re-cycling project and it works. What is it […]

Everyone loves the convenience of wireless, it’s just great, quick to get going, even better for the likes of myself that changes their mind and thinks up a better arrangement or location. Just recently I must admit that I have started going back to wired for a number of things, looks like wireless ain’t without […]

I thought it would be worth looking at how much energy we use for cooking, especially now we have several weeks of data to drill into and analyse.  Tastey stuff. So using the beta dashboard from my Brultech ECM-1240 power monitor I can easily focus into the electrical power used by the electric oven/grill, microwave […]

I like XP embedded, there are many strong cases for using it, especially to get XP running on minimal resources to get volume device costs down whilst still having the benefits and flexibility of a mainstream OS. But, for low volumes and in particular one-off system builds XP embedded is a hassle.  So is this […]