Breaking the 100w barrier


So how low do you go ?

Ok, I don’t expect the guys from the Guiness book of records visiting with Roy Castle’s old record-breaking trumpet tune, but for me the 100w barrier is starting to become a minor obsession.

First of all lets define what the 100w barrier actually is for me.  It is the electrical power taken by the house, when most things should be off, accounting for and excluding fridge and freezer.  Or minimal base load in technical terms.

It’s getting very close, here is a little trend showing what the consumption is during the night, just over the magical 100 watt barrier.  Incidentally, it can be hard to measure as the fridge @50w and freezer @100w pop on from time to time.

So what is using power 24×7 100w, here’s a rough guess….
(the first bunch are considered essential by me for now 24×7)

  • 10w Alarm
  • 10w Oven/Microwave/Boiler standby
  • 5w WebCam network security
  • 5w Power Moniter
  • 15w Old Celeron Notepad running energy logger
  • 5w wireless telephone base station

could look at some way of grouping and switching off

  • 5w Virgin/NTL Modem
  • 10w WiFi Switch
  • 10w Ethernet Switch
  • 15w Fish tank filter
  • 8w Tv Aerial Amp, buried up in loft
  • ?? so many other things

Personally I regard the 100w baseline figure to be pretty good considering the number of appliances/devices a modern home can accumulate.  Even getting to 100w has taken a fair amount of organisational effort, it is way down on the previous unpublishable figure.

However, as I want extended internet access with a degree of convenience and the remaining devices are physically in different locations it is not so easy.  Even considered some remote switching plugs, but these take power themselves that may not get fully recovered.


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