Solar Thermal Hot Water is it worth it ?


< Update planned …
look out for update as financial justification changes due to proposed Renewables Heat Incentive>

All this energy monitoring gets you a bit green under the collar.  So I decided to assess Solar hot water as an option to reduce my carbon footprint and maybe boost the beer kitty.

It is a non starter for me because by boiler directly feeds the hot water, there is no indirect storage cylinder presently in the home.  On first glance dual indirect pressurised cylinders are very expensive, over £500 plus all the plumbing to be factored in.  So we’re starting way back, then there is the cost of the solar tubes, reckoning 1m2 per person should do.  Even committing to a DIY install and buying from eBay there is no change from £2k.

So all in trying save maybe £150 per year will cost £3k (less pump running costs!), these rough figures are optimistic and lets be honest provide most hot water in the summer sunshine hours.

That’s less than 5% return and more than 20 years payments excluding finance.

This project has not been approved. BOUNCE


2 Responses to “Solar Thermal Hot Water is it worth it ?”

  1. 1 Ed

    This is bogus. A typical install in NY for family of four 80 gal system is $8000. After 30% fed and 25% (not including NYSERDA $4000) incentive you are left with 5 year payback and 19% return. Where did you get your info. Visit and check their pre packed kits. I have had a DHW system for 2 years and I went from paying $700 a year to $150. It cost me $8000 to install but after tax credits 4600.

    • mmmm, thanks for putting me straight, I’ll send off the forms straight away for incentives/tax-credits and update the post.
      who is the mayor nowadays, Chávez ?

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