How to save energy – The Basics


Lets indulge our selves in pro-managment-strategy blue sky thinking and get a formal methodogy and energy plan.  Okay, enough ! stop right now, in layman’s terms here is my call,……

Motivate (start to care about)

be honest, it is not the easiest to get people excited here
—  too busy, too many excuses
++ easy money, get green, keep warm


Information (get the facts)

back to school learning about watts, kWh, bulbs, timers, thermostats, thermal vests, washing lines, switching things off, efficiency, A++

look for all the enrgy leaks, lots of leaflets and web advice out there.

Action (do something about it)

Replace old/broke with efficient devices whenever possible, look at energy running costs in purchase decision, change the time setting on that awkward programmer, organise plugs/devices to make it easier to switch things off, make sure computers set for power saving, check everything off before going to bed,….


Follow-up (check-it, keep doing it, but will we ?)

loop back and do it again while feeling good about the money saved.

I’m sure I could have came up with sometime better than MIAF but it did make me titter a tad.


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