Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries


The kids are really into the xbox360 COD game. I found this out because the long strip of AA duracells disappeared faster than the chocolate muffins that never seem to last the journey home from the supermarket.

Common sense suggests rechargeables shall be used for the wireless controllers which where responsible for the locust like emptying of the battery drawer.  So time to buy some.

Sanyo eneloop batteries for some reason caught my eye. These ‘improved’ NiMH batteries have better internal construction, electrodes, materials to  bolster up the shortcomings of the ‘standard’ NiMH batteries that are widely used today.

So what exactly do these fancier rechargeables do for the extra money.


  • Ready to go out the box, I really hate the inconvenience of having to charge batteries before using them
  • Good for medium/low power duties where the standard rechargeables self-discharge fizzle out over time
  • Capacity is good for me
  • Better at low temperature so for the outdoor types this can be great
  • High recharge spec, supposedly 1000 times without memory effect
  • The look strangely enough, not in an apple cool way, but they are distinctively different from our other batteries which I like.


  • Price, but I think 4 AA delivered for £6.60 is good
  • Voltage is 1.2v, some devices (not many) don’t like it this low

These ‘eneloop’ batteries are not new anymore, I think they were released in 2006 and they have plenty of competition nowadays.  I’ve used them for just under a year and like them so much we have bought nearly 20 AA/AAA.

Here is the official sanyo website which has lots of technical details.

This blog isn’t deep in the technical sense, you can google away to find much better techno-reviews, here is one such a review link.

It’s a thumbs up from me, me and me.


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