Energy used in domestic cooking


I thought it would be worth looking at how much energy we use for cooking, especially now we have several weeks of data to drill into and analyse.  Tastey stuff.

So using the beta dashboard from my Brultech ECM-1240 power monitor I can easily focus into the electrical power used by the electric oven/grill, microwave and induction hob.

We like a range of home cooked food using many international styles.  Our now teenage kids have been onion’ised, garlic’ised, spinach’ised over the years so everything gets scoffed in double quick time.

Here is a typical average week.

Quite remarkable, surprising low, only £1.24 per week or less than 18p per day.  The profile shows eating out on Fireworks night and double cooking on the next day.  This represents only 14% of total household electricity (heating/hot water are separate on gas!)

Can’t see any further savings in here !
Well done us

(btw. no figures quoted for energy cost as a percentage of supermarket outlays !)


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