cable/battery? wired/wireless ? make your mind up !


Everyone loves the convenience of wireless, it’s just great, quick to get going, even better for the likes of myself that changes their mind and thinks up a better arrangement or location.

Just recently I must admit that I have started going back to wired for a number of things, looks like wireless ain’t without it’s drawbacks.

  • Kids couldn’t live without one wired xbox360 wired controller, everyone runs out of charge at the wrong time and boy are those controllers greedy
  • Hand drill – just bought a great Bosch GSB18 unit. Most drilling in the home/garage is beside a power socket, the power is better, but for those who haven’t upgraded and re-mortgaged to Li-ion the NiMH always needs recharged before you start, how annoying !
  • Power monitor, just ran short Rs232 cable so now that I finally decided on where things will be the zigbee will be de-commissioned.
  • Computer WiFi still use it, but whenever there are sizable files to copy its plug-in to gigahertz cabled speed
  • …. barely a rant about batteries, so far

Okay, not earth shattering, but sometimes the extra effort to cable can be worth the hassle.  Just thinking up a final note, so what wireless/battery device will I not give up ?

Answer: Bosch AHS 52 Li Hedge Trimmer

Ultra-lightweight, cableless safety, li-ion always ready to go, a tenacious well designed unit where the extra money is money well spent. (5 star)


One Response to “cable/battery? wired/wireless ? make your mind up !”

  1. What a amazing post! I did a kind of blogging for dummies over on one of the CPA Marketing forums and I thought it was too easy for them, but the quantity of emails I got asking questions just like what you addressed was incredible. As young people nowadays we have grown up with computers, but it’s easy to forget that even individuals just a a couple of years older have not! Really good post! 🙂

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