Solar PVT UK options – where ?


After looking at and rejecting solar panels for myself, I stumbled over a combo-effort called PVT. From the US sites the numbers look very good and overall it just sounds like a better idea all round.

Solar PVT or PV-T, means the getting best of both worlds thermal + photovoltaic together, in fact there are even synergies as the thermal action keeps the PV cooler which aids in its efficiency. Claims of twice the energy are touted.

However, I am kinda frustrated as there seems (to me) to be little offerings in the UK and so far I haven’t seem any solid pricing. Whats up out there ?

Maybe its too early, but I doubt it, maybe it’s more suited for things bigger than domestic homes.  Maybe, the chinese haven’t tooled up to make’n’ship them, maybe the claims I’ve seen are stretched, but the numbers do look very good and could swing the money justification for me, but looks a little too soon ?

Guess I’m no longer excited about this solar stuff again, boooo.

Here are the links to check out


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