How many light bulbs …. do you have ?



Phew, the days holding a spare 100w incandescent bulb under the kitchen sink are long gone.  So how many types of bulbs do you need nowadays ?

Here’s a short list I started but never finished,……

  • GU10 50w, 20w halogen
  • GU10 11w megaman
  • G9 50w halogen capsule
  • G9 11w megaman
  • T5 and  T8 Fluorescent tubes strip
  • Outside squarey 2D  thing
  • ES bayonet various, spiral/globe/?
  • Candle shaped energy savers
  • 12v small things in lounge
  • Bedside lamp various mini globes
  • Secret 60 w incandescent
  • various specials I have no idea
    extractor hood, oven, fridge
  • Unused Gu10 LED !!!
  • more, etc, etc, etc

Good thing about these energy saving fluorescents is that they do last a long long time.  So I don’t waste any space under the kitchen sink and I haven’t heard a light bulb changing joke for ages.

I wonder how much they all cost ?
or rather how much are they all saving !


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