Kettle-omics Analytics


It’s amazing how much ‘information’ is trapped inside a log of electricity power readings, even more so if the data has a detailed time resolution stored away in some database.

Question time:

  1. How much energy is our kettle using ?
  2. How many tea breaks do you have ?
    (let’s not infer the toilet trips)
  3. How many cups of tea per day ?

Question 1 is pretty easy using these KillaWatt or Plugwise widgets where you can, if you want, tally up the daily kWh or CO2 or cost attributed to our humble servant the kettle.

Question 2 not so easy, but looking at the power trend for a home, you’ll see the kettle blips clearly as ~3kw step spikes.  So with so fluency in SQL you can query the database and get a count of the spikes, that’s one answer.

Question 3 is just a matter of stretching your SQL talents to extract the sum of all the kettle spikes, followed by an assumption of the ambient water temperature (or measure it with $2 medical thermometer ).  Finally either google some water energy delta-T stuff or just use a stop watch on the kettle for 5 cups to get the magic number.

Once your done I guess you can publish cups per day, cups per month on your website or add it to your email footer or even on your remote teleworking e-invoice.

FYI – the symbol at the top is the ‘all-seeing-eye’ or Eye of Providence.
Is it watching over you or just watching you.


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