Kettle Interview


(Look like with a rash of kettle postings this week, sorry folks)

Pondering….. isn’t it funny how much time you spend on some of life’s purchases and how little on others.

Well, a good kettle is something that you bond with, and for tea-jennies like us, the loss of a kettle is slightly mournful, but boy it’s replacement needs sorted out and quick.  Our faithful kettle just went kapoot and I didn’t think living a week without a kettle would be quite so annoying.

Due to the pressing need, mail-order/internet was ruled out so it was straight out to interview the potential candidates.  What a large bunch to choose from, must admit I have always like the flat-bottom ones since they came out and a super-fast boiler is also top of the list.

But the clincher this time was the display and cup-scale. (What am I smoking today !)

Seriously, after a very short bonding time (with the new kettle) the dual windows and scales has even hammered the kids into filling up to 3 cups = 2 mugs for tea instead of super-waste-‘full-up’. An energy saving success methinks.

Oh, here is the model I bought at under the grand total of £20.
Even the tea tastes better.

PS. I did look at a super-eco-green-kettle thing but found it too big, too ugly, too expensive (wife rejected candidate).

PPS. The successful applicant was a Philips HD4644 Cordless Jug Kettle

continued ……. (ie added later)

Fleshing out some boring numbers onto kettlecomonics, sure it is just quicker and sensible to boil just what you need or even better use a thermal flask.  Here is a breakdown/guesstimate of how much the kettle usage takes.

Estimate between 4 – 8 boils per day for 2 mugs, so say average at 6 each taking 2.5 minutes at 3kw
this equates to 0.75 kWh per day, roughly 7.5p per day, yearly numbers give a better perspective so thats ~£25 pa
So being a good chap boiling just enough probably only saves tops, £10 per year.
Kettle energy for me is less than 5% of electricity use (this has no space heating)

Final thoughts at an energy guess of ~ 0.6p per cup, home cuppas are nearly 40x cheaper than Starbucks, so well done !
(40x 40,000 % always sounds more showy !)


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