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Hopeless, but predictable…….. Apple’s new iPad looks very very desirable for every gadget-man out there, but fortunately Apple’s tactical stubbornness means my wallets stays closed.  No sale for me.  Don’t worry I have already ranted before about how rubbish the iPod Touch browser is, because by deliberate design it does provide support for Abobe Flash. […]

The quiet lad in the corner, doesn’t say much, just gets the job done, minimum fuss, invisible, shuns the spotlight and does not receive the credit that is deserved. Kinda sums up the GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Historian product and strangely enough, this is taken as a compliment. So what is it ? It is […]

As a student back in the 80’s a fierce debate raged when selecting hi-fi’s.  Whether, to buy a stack of separates or forgo some audio quality for convience, features and darn I say style/looks. A similar choice now exists for industrial PCs and in particular industrial client screens used in hostile plant locations.  Perhaps the […]

Here goes for some well earned free advertising for a small Canadian company called Brultech.  These guys have a brilliant little Electicity Moniter that goes way beyond the supermarket clip-on things. The model I like is the Brultech ECM-1240 Electicity Moniter with 7 channels So what extra does it offer that makes me all excited […]

Nice corny title, ‘washing the 5000’ per day ! Que a few blasphemous biblical remarks, like okay the boy has fed them guess I’ll have to wash them. What am I on about ? Check out the picture below of an amazing portable green hot water showering system using solar thermal and PV, a wind […]

A swift U-turn from last year’s look at solar PV. So why the change of heart ? Answer: Politics and money. Payback period and incentives now make solar PV an attractive proposition. Simple numbers for a 3 kWp peak system Cost 13 k (that’s cheaper) Grant 4k (move quick) FeedInTariff of 36.5p per kwh plus […]

Woa, don’t worry no U turn for me, yet. But, something called RHI Renewable Heat Incentive is planned for 2011 and this is interesting.  Incidentally, all installations from April 2010 will be available to hook up, so it may be worth holding off those pipes for a couple of months. Let’s explain in brief You […]