Solar PV, yes please


A swift U-turn from last year’s look at solar PV.

So why the change of heart ?

Answer: Politics and money.
Payback period and incentives now make solar PV an attractive proposition.

Simple numbers for a 3 kWp peak system

  • Cost 13 k (that’s cheaper)
  • Grant 4k (move quick)
  • FeedInTariff of 36.5p per kwh plus you can use the power
  • FIT guarenteed for 25 years
  • Payback 7.6 years
  • Money/contribution per year £1250
  • Profit after 25 years £22 k
  • Interest free 100% loan for 8 years

So what is the catch ?

… well grant only in Scotland
… FITs not fully finalised, soon fingers-crossed
… FITs to start in April 2009

Oh, as usual there are a few hurdles and red tape to step over, but nothing too tricky, I’ll maybe blog on the steps later. Should be a long hot summer and autumn and winter and spring….


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