Solar Thermal … revisited (Renewable Heat Incentive)


Woa, don’t worry no U turn for me, yet.

But, something called RHI Renewable Heat Incentive is planned for 2011 and this is interesting.  Incidentally, all installations from April 2010 will be available to hook up, so it may be worth holding off those pipes for a couple of months.

Let’s explain in brief

  • You will get paid for the ‘renewable’ kWh you use from your solar thermal
  • Rates all up in the air but numbers touted include ? 11 p kWh

So numbers and payback will change.

Also expected to get a boost in interest are the Ground/air source heat pump systems which to gas connected buildings are presently not financially viable, but this will change things … rates ???

(Possible Spanner ….. wonder what happens after this year UK elections ?)


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