Washing the 5000 …….


Nice corny title, ‘washing the 5000’ per day !

Que a few blasphemous biblical remarks, like okay the boy has fed them guess I’ll have to wash them.

What am I on about ?
Check out the picture below of an amazing portable green hot water showering system using solar thermal and PV, a wind turbine and a wood burning stove.

Anyway, I just love a great piece of practical engineering and even better when it has full green credentials.

Here’s the numbers that the show off’s from Navitron have put together, tut-tut, just an excuse just to get to Glastonbury .


  • 5000 festival showers per day
  • 16,000 litres hot water per day
  • 12 segregated communal showers
  • Generates up to 1.2 Megawatts of carbon neutral energy over 3 days
  • 44’articulated curtain sided trailer
  • 12 re-used food bulk liquid containers (1,000 litres of water each)
  • 20 banks of solar heating tubes that’s up to 210kW of heat per day
  • 70,000 BTU wood burner for the night-time heat boost
  • Pumps are powered by 2 x 350 Watt wind turbines and 2 x 110 Watt solar photovoltaic cells

Now I wonder which one God/Jesus is working on the Renewable Heat Incentive tariffs ?


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