Proficy Historian – The Quiet Man


The quiet lad in the corner, doesn’t say much, just gets the job done, minimum fuss, invisible, shuns the spotlight and does not receive the credit that is deserved.

Kinda sums up the GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Historian product and strangely enough, this is taken as a compliment.

So what is it ?

It is a proprietary database designed to store time series process data like temperatures, pressures, switch states etc for long periods of time at high resolution. This is not ‘RDB’ type data and so it delivers way better performance with ‘built for purpose’ solutions like Proficy Historian rather than ‘twisted out of shape’ SQL servers.  It is worth noting Proficy Historian does play ball with SQL servers and can operate as a linked server and provide ODBC access to its data, so its very open.

Why do I rate it ?

  • It just works and keeps on working
  • It is simple as pie (how did they do that ?)
  • It is efficient and fast to collect.
  • Speed – data comes out fast
  • No ‘SQL side-effects’ when dealing with time-based logging
  • Near to zero ‘admin’

Bottom line is that it churns away quietly in the background and delivers the data to answer your queries or produce reports or form the basis of lots of fancy intelligent applications that consume historical performance information.

It allows companies to make good decisions based on truths and facts rather guesses and fiction.


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