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Looking at energy usage motivates the householder to switch off appliances when not required, organise things using timers and maybe even buy more efficient devices.  These actions all have the net result of reducing the annual electricity bill.  A very rough rule of thumb is £1 per year per watt, so getting from 300w down […]

Recently I blogged about the go-ahead/green light  for my domestic PV. However, the red-tape game needs to be played to get the best financial score.  Obtaining the grant and interest free loan is the basic objective. To get these requires a sterling dose of resolve and committment. Here is a tongue-in-cheek list of fences to […]

More shower stuff today …. It is a straight review of the Nordic Eco PowerShower head. No preamble just straight to the conclusion……. For Saves money by reducing the water flow but still being an okay shower (9 l/m rather than 19 l/m for me) Teens not overly keen on it and it reduced their […]

I love it. Stumbled over this old article which is brill and hits the spot on my favourite genre ‘teenage-tough-love’. But hey, energy saving wise for those of you with a fastidious teenager (or more) it’s a cracker of a practical energy saving solution.  So if your cherished one(s) have a personal hygiene addiction […]

I have already raved on about my Brultech ECM-1240 energy meter being an excellent device. Well today the busy-bodies at Brultech have released a beta of their latest ‘engine’ program and it now provides Google PowerMeter connectivity out of the box.  Even in beta without documentation it was easy as pie and just, works. The […]

I love the idea of power efficient wireless devices or even better some power harvesting battery less design for remote sensors.  Of course all this good techno standard stuff needs to get cheap, aka volume/white-goods style. But unfortunately as is the case sometimes very good ideas and standards rumble along without moving into mainstream. The […]

Review or at least pinch me time again ! For SCADA servers and various IT line-of-duty applications it has been no-brainer, low cost upgrade to specify RAID 1 or 5 to cater for the eventuality of a hard disk failing.  This is based on the reasoning that these fast mechanical spinning round things won’t last […]