iFix 5 star value for money


Stop rubbing your eyes, the ‘standard’ pricing of Scada/HMI systems hasn’t changed much, but there are some very interesting entry level licenses that offer exceptional value and open an exciting range of new possibilities.

In order to compete with the lower-end hardware based HMI systems Ge-IP has for a long time offered a cut-down version of iFix. Basically, it has iFix networking disabled so for standalone systems that don’t need to support networked iFix clients it is great value.

For around 400 euros you can have Ge Proficy iFix 5.0 with 75 tags and thrown in for free you get the highly rated Proficy Historian 100 point licence as well. This comes with OPC Client connectivity and if your smart enough the 75 tags can scoop up arrays of registers or even direct to OPC without adding to the tag count.

Want even more free functionality ?
Just install Microsoft SQL 2008 express and you can get amazing functionality with Reporting Services.

Very powerful indeed.
And should you wish to expand in the future it is reassuring to know that the same software powers huge complex installations like the Hoover Dam or can easily support up to 200 clients per Scada server.
Impressed ?
iFix offers ‘commercial scalabilty’ from the smallest cost sensistive application to the largest worldwide demanding jobs.
Designed with No limits as standard !


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