RAID1 Is it needed for SSD ?


Review or at least pinch me time again !

For SCADA servers and various IT line-of-duty applications it has been no-brainer, low cost upgrade to specify RAID 1 or 5 to cater for the eventuality of a hard disk failing.  This is based on the reasoning that these fast mechanical spinning round things won’t last forever.  Fair enough.

So with Solid State Disks SSD proving themselves in speed and reliability terms and nowadays with lower pricing at sensible levels it poses the question ……

Should RAID 1 be specified just because we always have ?

For a half decent fanless PC what is the reliability league table of the main components :-

  • PSU
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • SSD
  • MB

Well, sorry I don’t know the answer, but having looked at SSD in particular, I see no point on having RAID1.  Furthermore, as there is less heat, things work cooler and there are less fans, so all this increases the reliability of the total system. Moving to passive cooling also removed another common mode failure point.

In fact strangely enough RAID 0 (spanning) has re-kindled attention as the speed demons are using this to increase the already very fast read speeds of SSD eg from say 250 MB/s going to 4 drives in RAID 0 is an eye popping 1 TB/s throughput…. wowww

So it keeps things even simpler.

For small and medium SCADA servers I really do like the Nexcom NISE 3110 with a SLC SSD.


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