Brultech Google PowerMeter arrives


I have already raved on about my Brultech ECM-1240 energy meter being an excellent device.

Well today the busy-bodies at Brultech have released a beta of their latest ‘engine’ program and it now provides Google PowerMeter connectivity out of the box.  Even in beta without documentation it was easy as pie and just, works.

The really cool thing about this device is that you get 7 channels per device and another 7 virtual channels.  There is so much more you can do with all these channels rather than the single ‘clumped’ whole house reading most of the other units provide.  Even my gas gets logged with this clever solution.

Just need to let the data trickle through to big brother.

For more details here is the GoogleMeter link


6 Responses to “Brultech Google PowerMeter arrives”

  1. Glad to see Brultech got this connected. Now, how does one get a GoogleMeter account? I’ve got an ECM-1240 and will update to the latest firmware. And does the GoogleMeter account let you collect more than one data channel?

    • If you have a gmail account that’ll do !
      Yes, all channels are picked up by default, so for a single unit thats 7 + 7 virtual, 14 channels that are switchable on the GoogleMeter widget. I have updated the screenshot to show the various channels.

  2. So this is very, very interesting. Brultech is not yet listed as a device partner (only the TED 5000 and Alert Me as of today).

    I work for, and we’re very interested in testing any monitoring device out there, especially one that does multiple channels, and especially, especially one that does energy in addition to electricity.

    Anyone at Brultech who wants to get in touch should contact me at my email which is first letter of my first name + last name at

    • Brultech is the king of multiple channels !
      – 7 physical channels per unit
      – another 7 virtual channels including the very useful, all the power I never logged 8th channel = Total Load – Sum of other channels, also for solar Export/Import channels.
      – Sum up 3 different phases etc etc
      – the engine software can pull together 6 units
      – use ch7 as a pulse count for gas or temperature

      Why don’t you just send Brultech I cheque.
      It’s tremdenous value including CTs from under $200

  3. 5

    I purchased the Brultech system (the PPA-200 package) and it hasn’t worked correctly since I’ve gotten it. It’s confusing, the software is buggy, and even the tech from the company taking control of my computer and trying to get it to work had problems. For $600.00. I feel I’ve been taken. The power supply (wall wart) to the ethernet connector failed and so they sent me another one. I just plugged it in and still nothing works. I’ve had it with this thing, it’s going back. Ridiculous, and no TECH SUPPORT OR ANY PHONE NUMBER FOR THEM ANYWHERE. Save your money and learn from my bad experience.

    • too bad …. if your that unhappy send it back.

      but to say no technical support is wrong, they logged into your PC and attempted to fix, sounds like a sterling effort

      I continue to be very happy with the ECM 1240, you should trade yours in !

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