ShowerTime III – ShowerHead Review


More shower stuff today ….

It is a straight review of the Nordic Eco PowerShower head.

No preamble just straight to the conclusion…….


  • Saves money by reducing the water flow but still being an okay shower (9 l/m rather than 19 l/m for me)
  • Teens not overly keen on it and it reduced their time in the shower which also greatly aids in controlling condensation with no need for a mega-extractor
  • mmm, nothing else to say


  • High price £47 delivered puts it firmly in greeny planet saving territory
  • Not as good as a deluge with a proper power-shower.  You will get used with it, but you can’t kid yourself its as good as the real-deal.
  • For non-child household its pretty much a waste of time
  • A little bit of extra back pressure, so make sure its on tight !

Showers for me are a quick in-wash-out so this product has no point for the likes of me.  However, for the ‘because you are worth it’ brigade (the other half of the population) that does all the lotion/potion treatment it can tote up to a considerable saving.  I can’t say I agree with the reviews on the seller website as they imply ‘it’s as good’ as if you’d not notice.  But if you have decent shower you will.

Back to techy stuff for now on.


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