Solar PV (UK Scotland) Red-tape


Recently I blogged about the go-ahead/green light  for my domestic PV.

However, the red-tape game needs to be played to get the best financial score.  Obtaining the grant and interest free loan is the basic objective.

To get these requires a sterling dose of resolve and committment.

Here is a tongue-in-cheek list of fences to get over, step-by-step.

Step 1
Get interested/motivated in the first place

Step 2
Find out who are the accredited installers in your area. List here on Energy Saving Trust web site

Step 3   Make sure you have ‘basic’ energy-efficient measures in place eg decent loft/wall insulation, heating controls/thermostat, efficient boiler, low energy bulbs.

Step 4
Call EST and request renewables people to visit. You’ll need the report to authorise solar PV and give a loan form application.

Step 5
Request quotes. Site visits may not be required if you have photo’s/google satellite/street view for the installers to look over.

Step 6
Wait on quotes, you’ll need the offer price and supplier/panel approved numbers

Step 7
Apply for a Grant, form on some EST website

Step 8
Meet up with EST Renewables assessor. Make sure you get a loan application form, they are like gold dust, nope they are not online.

Step 9
Wait on EST report

Step 10
Apply for loan

Step 11
Double check with local Planning department.  Usually only needed if you live in a listed building or a conservation area or on  main road

Step 12
Once loan approved.

Step 13
Still Awake. Still interested. Final stamina boost

Step 14
Order solar PV from supplier, nice price reduction !

Step 15
After installation get the paperwork/certification in order and claim loan/grant.

Step 16
Receive cheques ? Cash them ?

Step 17
April 2010 organise FITs rate…. sorry not got this far yet.

Sure it should be easier than pulling teeth, but I guess if you have ever managed to crack any mobile phone cashback scheme then the red-tape above just needs the same concentration and organisation skills.

Nearly forgotten why we’re doing this.

Oh yes, going to get to zero energy bills in 8 years time !


One Response to “Solar PV (UK Scotland) Red-tape”

  1. How long has this blog been around? I have been searching for this kind of information for the past week and a half.

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