Google Power Meter Gadget Weekly View


Another snippet on the Google PowerMeter ‘gadget’ today.

I must be feeling guilty after the poor review on the current implementation of the near-real-time and the always-on functionality.  Anyway, I’ve decided to write something nice about the Google people today.

The view options for daily/weekly/monthly are rather cute, here is a snap of the last couple of weeks.

It is rather elegant and useable. Nice bar chart and summary report of costs and kWh.  Even the always-on lower bar seems to be nice and I also do very much like the understated but very effective horizontal bar comparison feature, so much so I’ll add other snap below.

Monthly views are similar to the weekly ones, but I haven’t gathered enough data to play around it that time-frame.

Bottom line message is that finger on the pulse instant or detail view Google ain’t my favourite, but once you have accumulated some weeks of data it is a very good presentation tool for reviewing rolling energy costs on a weekly basis, hopefully giving the motivation to keep focused on driving down or making best use of precious energy resources.

On a final note from Cinderella,…..
I wish that you could add annotations into the data views somehow.


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