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I now have a 3.995 kWp Solar PV installed and working, here I my thoughts now its in and running. Bad Points As I grumbled before the red tape and silly hoops/paperwork/procedures/process to go through to get a proper MCS approved system and a grant/loan was sooooo boring rigor mortis was close to setting in […]

Talking about a handy utility that Power One provide for their Aurora inverters.  In my case one for domestic Solar PV duty (nice piece of hardware).  The version used is v2.9.6 which is produced, I believe by some nice people in Italy.  So what’s my thoughts on it so far…. Cost – Well it is […]

In a time of recession it does feel a tad strange that there are little niche corners that buck the trend.  The renewables sector and in particular Solar PV is still surging along on the crest of a demand wave.  So babbling along what does this mean to Mr.Green.  Well not quite Russian bread queues […]

Still a Google Power Meter fan, probably more so on the basis that after doing the initial data drilling blast, it is a top level easy to use tool that just works so well.  I seem to be in the luxurious position of having 14 channels of energy data with google.  However, I am too […]