Basic Economics – Supply Exceeds Demand (Solar PV)


In a time of recession it does feel a tad strange that there are little niche corners that buck the trend.  The renewables sector and in particular Solar PV is still surging along on the crest of a demand wave.  So babbling along what does this mean to Mr.Green.  Well not quite Russian bread queues and hyper-inflation, but it is quite a shock to us that are used to technology falling in price and getting next day delivery.

I haven’t research the internet for statistics, but for me over a year panels and inverters have increased in price ~20% and they are difficult to get quickly if at all.  Any cheapy chinese or other deals I found were a mirage that just wasted time.

As an engineer the joy of technical assessment is mute cos’ you don’t really have much to choose from!  But from what I looked at the market seems rather mature and there are many very capable products for sale.  However, I do think in the UK with the insistence on MCS certification this has made life harder for the dross make easy in-roads and offered a degree of protection as the market develops and expands on our shores.


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