Solar Google Power Meter (Multi-channels !)


Still a Google Power Meter fan, probably more so on the basis that after doing the initial data drilling blast, it is a top level easy to use tool that just works so well.  I seem to be in the luxurious position of having 14 channels of energy data with google.  However, I am too dog gone lazy to mouse up to the combo box, I want 3 or 4 permanently on the screen for Solar PV monitoring.
(I have managed to get 4 on a tab, but it is not quite correct)

– Total Solar PV Generated

– Total House Energy Consumed

– Energy Exported

Anyway as you can see I’ve got two on display for generation and export. I’ve not worked out if google have restricted maximum power meters to two, kinds looks like it for now.

Whilst, I could nick-pick and make a number of product suggestions I do appreciate the neat and hassle free way google hold and serve the energy data in a useable format.

I like !


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