Solar PV Installed – How was it for me ?


I now have a 3.995 kWp Solar PV installed and working, here I my thoughts now its in and running.

Bad Points

  • As I grumbled before the red tape and silly hoops/paperwork/procedures/process to go through to get a proper MCS approved system and a grant/loan was sooooo boring rigor mortis was close to setting in !
    The time delay this added meant that I lost out on valuable summer generation.
  • Price increases and supplier changes due to market availability meant that the cost went up and payback is an extra year

Good Points

  • Ended up using Yingli panels and an Aurora PVI 3.6 inverter.  Impressed and happy to recommend both of these.
  • Installer was Tom Morley, Solar Technology, Edinburgh.  Classy install and very helpful, happy people who do a first class job at a good price.
  • Looks fine and just works, here’s a snapshot of the panels

Would I do it again, I guess so, but the time taken to do it kinda takes away any purchase glow.  But it is nice to be generating in summer more electricity than we need and the FITs payment make the Solar PV financially worthwhile.


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