Large Low Power LED TV


I’ve been thinking about upgrading the main lounge TV for some time and currently have a 5 year old Samsung 40 inch LCD that consumes a ‘reasonable’ 230 watts. In it’s day I guess it would have been a class leader.

Anyway, I have been hankering for a bigger screen, full HD 1080 support and freeview HD.  Oh, and I have noticed LED TVs with sub-100w power ratings. I had hoped by now OLED would have matured and been commercialised, but they seem to have stalled and are taking longer to come to fruition. 3-D does not cut it for me at the moment.

So, good old Makro mail tempted me in with a 46 inch Sharp model at £760 including VAT. Way down on the price when this model was launched.  The Sharp Quattron LC46LE811E really did look rather nice in the flesh and a 5 year guarantee was a nice bonus (internet sales do not qualify!). Furthermore, this model topped the energy leaderboard at an ‘in-use’ 85 watts over at SUST-IT

So its fitted, up and running and looks glorious, so what are the energy figures according to my Kill-a-watt device.

> Shop Mode – not measured
> 112w Eco Off (too bright – horrible)
> 82w Eco Standard (looks fine to me)
> 68w Eco Advanced (a little dimmer also looks great)

So there we have it a large 46 inch telly taking a meagre sub 70 watts quite remarkable.


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