Google dump Google Powermeter – 90 day notice given



Google announced plainly that Google Powermeter will be cancelled in 90 days, 16th September being the termination date.

That was an unpleasant surprise.  After drawn in with all the jingly pump of helping to save the planet they have doubtless got bored and pulled the plug.

You get what you pay for !
A timely reminder that the free services offered can be pulled at any time at the discretion of the providers.

Here is link to images of the appliances in happier days of Powermeter




One Response to “Google dump Google Powermeter – 90 day notice given”

  1. so what about “The way google conducts itself is so different to the razzamatazz of Apple with its product staged releases.”?

    Jokes appart… I own CC Bridge and want to learn to direct it´s data to own server. Can you point me in right direction? Any links?


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