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Just another simple way of trending energy cost/usage.  In this case budget busting blip shows the extra xmas demand due to hosting of visitors ….. should have gone skiing ! Brultech ECM 1240 web interface sample. Advertisements

Gutted. Google announced plainly that Google Powermeter will be cancelled in 90 days, 16th September being the termination date. That was an unpleasant surprise.  After drawn in with all the jingly pump of helping to save the planet they have doubtless got bored and pulled the plug. You get what you pay for ! A […]

Here is a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ that may help interested parties in the area considering Solar PV. Q. Am I happy would I do it again? A. Yes/Yes Q. Is it right for everyone ? A. Depends on your roof location (southerly and not shaded by trees/buildings/mountains) ……. and whether you can stomach […]

I’ve been thinking about upgrading the main lounge TV for some time and currently have a 5 year old Samsung 40 inch LCD that consumes a ‘reasonable’ 230 watts. In it’s day I guess it would have been a class leader. Anyway, I have been hankering for a bigger screen, full HD 1080 support and […]

In just 72 days the roof mounted Solar PV system has now reached the 1 million Wh barrier (or 1000 kWh) Not too shabby. Okay, it’s not a race, but it is both nice to see the ‘green’ investment performing slightly above expectations and there is also that childish hypnotic ‘odometer’ rollover syndrome. Back to […]

Ding ding Round 2 ! Nearly a year ago I looked at solar thermal for hot water and could not justify spending money on this technology.  So it’s time for an appeal review armed with all this recent solar knowledge and experience. Why do I want to do this ? I like the idea of […]

Not the best photograph, but my new toy –  an Android HTC Desire currently version 2.1 (waiting on full flash 2.2 froyo) Anyway, nice to report that the flash lite bundle worked on the standard browser without any tweaking.  See the snap below for a Google Power Meter working nicely on wifi. Try that on […]