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So what is NET metering ? It is the ability to measure power/energy Generated (for solar/wind) Used ie how much the home consumes (That used to be easy!) Exported back to the grid (basically = Generated – Used) NET metering is really of value where there is some generation on site such as a wind […]

Talking about a handy utility that Power One provide for their Aurora inverters.  In my case one for domestic Solar PV duty (nice piece of hardware).  The version used is v2.9.6 which is produced, I believe by some nice people in Italy.  So what’s my thoughts on it so far…. Cost – Well it is […]

I love the idea of power efficient wireless devices or even better some power harvesting battery less design for remote sensors.  Of course all this good techno standard stuff needs to get cheap, aka volume/white-goods style. But unfortunately as is the case sometimes very good ideas and standards rumble along without moving into mainstream. The […]

Stop rubbing your eyes, the ‘standard’ pricing of Scada/HMI systems hasn’t changed much, but there are some very interesting entry level licenses that offer exceptional value and open an exciting range of new possibilities. In order to compete with the lower-end hardware based HMI systems Ge-IP has for a long time offered a cut-down version […]

Hopeless, but predictable…….. Apple’s new iPad looks very very desirable for every gadget-man out there, but fortunately Apple’s tactical stubbornness means my wallets stays closed.  No sale for me.  Don’t worry I have already ranted before about how rubbish the iPod Touch browser is, because by deliberate design it does provide support for Abobe Flash. […]

The quiet lad in the corner, doesn’t say much, just gets the job done, minimum fuss, invisible, shuns the spotlight and does not receive the credit that is deserved. Kinda sums up the GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Historian product and strangely enough, this is taken as a compliment. So what is it ? It is […]

As a student back in the 80’s a fierce debate raged when selecting hi-fi’s.  Whether, to buy a stack of separates or forgo some audio quality for convience, features and darn I say style/looks. A similar choice now exists for industrial PCs and in particular industrial client screens used in hostile plant locations.  Perhaps the […]