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Review or at least pinch me time again ! For SCADA servers and various IT line-of-duty applications it has been no-brainer, low cost upgrade to specify RAID 1 or 5 to cater for the eventuality of a hard disk failing.  This is based on the reasoning that these fast mechanical spinning round things won’t last […]

The quiet lad in the corner, doesn’t say much, just gets the job done, minimum fuss, invisible, shuns the spotlight and does not receive the credit that is deserved. Kinda sums up the GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Historian product and strangely enough, this is taken as a compliment. So what is it ? It is […]

After being impressed with the NISE 3110 I blogged about earlier, Nexcom have realised a cut-down atom based unit which looks ideal for industrial client stations. The unit is smaller at 185mm x 132mm (D) x 50mm (H).  Even though there is less connectivity there is still gigabit ethernet and 3 serial ports and the […]

Some years ago I dabbled with fanless PC’s for industrial HMI/Scada client duties. I would guess this would be way back in 2005 or before and in those days on going fanless you paid a performance penalty with the lower power CPUs. However, for industrial use the benefits were longer life in hostile locations and […]