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Recently I blogged about the go-ahead/green light  for my domestic PV. However, the red-tape game needs to be played to get the best financial score.  Obtaining the grant and interest free loan is the basic objective. To get these requires a sterling dose of resolve and committment. Here is a tongue-in-cheek list of fences to […]

I love it. Stumbled over this old article which is brill and hits the spot on my favourite genre ‘teenage-tough-love’. But hey, energy saving wise for those of you with a fastidious teenager (or more) it’s a cracker of a practical energy saving solution.  So if your cherished one(s) have a personal hygiene addiction […]

Hopeless, but predictable…….. Apple’s new iPad looks very very desirable for every gadget-man out there, but fortunately Apple’s tactical stubbornness means my wallets stays closed.  No sale for me.  Don’t worry I have already ranted before about how rubbish the iPod Touch browser is, because by deliberate design it does provide support for Abobe Flash. […]

(Look like with a rash of kettle postings this week, sorry folks) Pondering….. isn’t it funny how much time you spend on some of life’s purchases and how little on others. Well, a good kettle is something that you bond with, and for tea-jennies like us, the loss of a kettle is slightly mournful, but […]

It’s amazing how much ‘information’ is trapped inside a log of electricity power readings, even more so if the data has a detailed time resolution stored away in some database. Question time: How much energy is our kettle using ? How many tea breaks do you have ? (let’s not infer the toilet trips) How […]

Noisy in bed ?


Overall I am a solid fan of these energy saving lamps (CFL).  Until recently I have never experienced in the home the industrial buzzing noises of the old strip-light tube magnetic ballasts. But there is only one place when a lamp is next to my ear.  It’s a bed side lamp using a 7w CFL […]

ALOT ! Phew, the days holding a spare 100w incandescent bulb under the kitchen sink are long gone.  So how many types of bulbs do you need nowadays ? Here’s a short list I started but never finished,…… GU10 50w, 20w halogen GU10 11w megaman G9 50w halogen capsule G9 11w megaman T5 and  T8 […]